Don’t have time to update your business website or social media page? Our services offer you an easy, affordable solution. Our packages are designed to meet whatever needs you have.

Website Updating: You send us the content, and we will put it on your website. It’s as easy as that. No more hassling with your website and putting that content you need up quickly. We will do it for you! All you need to do is email the content you want up, and we will put it up quickly for you.

Social Media: Want to interact with your fans and customers? Don’t have time to update that facebook status or tweet about it? Don’t worry! We can do that for you! We will post pictures, and status updates for you and schedule them when most of your customers are online! Want something specific on your facebook page or twitter? Just email us what you want on there and we will schedule it for you!

Pricing: All our pricing is based on month by month pay. Contract length and prices will vary. For more information please email greenrootsmedia.com@gmail.com